Collection: SINNESRAUSCH | group exhibition

19th August – 29th September 2021

 In the exhibition SINNESRAUSCH, the gallery Suppan Fine Arts shows new works by four contemporary artists from its program: Dénesh Ghyczy, Markus Huemer, Hermann Nitsch and Michael Ornauer.

The gallery focuses on painting and drawing in its exhibition. Powerful poured pictures as well as recent paperworks by Hermann Nitsch are presented alongside colorful pictures by the up-and-coming artist Michael Ornauer. After a very successful solo exhibition, new works by the artist will be shown. Ornauer deals with the possibilities of the play of colors and color harmony as well as the materiality. His organic works are created through an interplay of the conscious and the unconscious. Markus Huemer irritates the viewer's perception with his reduced and minimalist paintings and drawings. The Austrian artist, who lives in Berlin, deals with the issues of reality and virtuality as well as the question of presentation and representation. His works are formally greatly reduced and, depending on how they are viewed, result in abstract patterns or concrete images, including landscape, flower and animal motifs. Dénesh Ghyczy also deals with constructed, fragmented realities in his painting. The gaze is drawn to a painted surface that not only bears its own materiality, but at the same time the illusion of a room, another reality. With his reduced and delicate painting style, he fills historically significant buildings with new life and creates a melancholy prevailing mood.

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